A Hybrid model is came into the picture very recently. It allows data and information to be On Premises but application to be in cloud.

The Hybrid Cloud offers the advantages of both; cloud computing and dedicated On Premises environments. Flexibility, accessibility, controls and 100% data security are the most appalling advantages of this model. Hybrid Cloud is particularly valuable for dynamic or highly changeable workloads.

Although Hybrid Cloud is an infrastructure that includes links between On Premises infrastructure managed by the enterprise and the Cloud managed by a third party for binding them together; the unique entities of both environments does not get affected.

Pros & Cons


Data Security: As your data is sitting in your own premises, its security is 100% matter of your control

Control: As everything is with you, everything is in your control

Flexibility:Hybrid Cloud applications are hosted remotely but they allow you to configure and customize applications as per your requirements.

Accessibility: You just need a browser and internet access to connect. This makes mobile access, remote working and the sharing of information easier than ever.


High Cost related to licensing and infrastructure

More time for deployment

Requirement of capable in house resources to handle the application

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